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Since its inception in 2002, the Fox Performing Arts Charitable Foundation (FPACF) has provided $1.9 million to more than ninety-seven organizations in the St. Louis area.

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After ten years, the FPACF has revised its mission statement to reflect its commitment to invest in the future by developing young audiences and supporting young performers.


For young people in the St. Louis area to have more opportunities to create, perform, and appreciate live performances.
Mission Statement:

The Fox Performing Arts Charitable Foundation fosters, promotes, and encourages young people in the St. Louis region to discover and participate in the joy and wonder of live performances.


The Fox Performing Arts Charitable Foundation provides grants to non-profit organizations in support of quality projects focused on youth initiatives which complement the Foundation’s own programs:

  • St. Louis Teen Talent Competition provides scholarships, prizes, and performance opportunities for emerging talent.
  • Kids’ Night on Broadway introduces young audiences to live theatre.
  • Broadway Master Classes encourage young performers to learn and refine their craft from touring professionals.
  • Special Projects ignite imagination for expression through story, sound, image, and movement.

 In 2013, the FPACF Board of Directors voted to revise the focus of its grants to support its belief in the value of quality performing arts training programs to help young people in the St. Louis region to develop and hone their craft and introduce young audiences to live performances.

With its new mission of engaging young people in quality arts learning and participation, the FPACF supports projects that connect young people to artistically rigorous programs.


What the FPACF Funds:


The FPACF is committed to the artistic growth and development of young people.  


Funds will be allocated through grants to a select number of organizations in the St. Louis region that have a commitment to providing young people with meaningful experiences that build their artistic skills and deepen their appreciation for the performing arts.  The FPACF seeks to fund projects with a spirit of innovation and collaboration.


2014 Grant Guidelines


To apply for a FPACF grant, an organization must be tax exempt as determined by the Internal Revenue Service and incorporated as a 501(c)(3).


The FPACF will support programs that prepare young, emerging artists through education, exposure to live performances, and participation in the performing arts.


Projects must include a live performance for an audience, must take place in the St. Louis region, and must not discriminate based on race, creed, ethnicity, religion, sex, age, or national origin.


The FPACF gives preference to organizations that:

  • Provide quality artistic experiences
  • Provide mentoring opportunities for young people by professional performing artists
  • Maintain sound financial practices and management
  • Demonstrate program impact through evaluation
  • Seek to collaborate with other organizations to build stronger programs and maximize funds

The FPACF does not fund:

  • Individuals
  • Capital projects
  • Galas and Fundraisers
  • Scholarships and Prizes
  • Equipment Purchases


How to Apply

Organizations interested in applying for a Fox Performing Arts Charitable Foundation grant should submit a two (2) page letter of inquiry.  The letter of inquiry may be mailed or e-mailed on letterhead to the Foundation office (see instructions below) or submitted electronically by using the online form below. 


Letters of inquiry will be accepted between July 15 and August 25, 2013 for 2014 programs and projects.


Once a letter of inquiry has been submitted, the FPACF will confirm its receipt. Within ninety (90) days the organization will be notified if a full application is requested.  An application form will then be provided. 




Letter of inquiry instructions:  LOI Instructions

Please read instructions before completing form.


Letter of inquiry online form: LOI Form


 2014 Grant evaluation report Forms

Grant Evaluation Reports are due within 30 days after completion of the funded project.  All Evaluation Reports must be submitted on the correct form below: 

        2014 Final Grant Evaluation Report Form  Download   

        2014 Interim Grant Evaluation Report Form  Download 


2013 Grant evaluation report forms

Grant Evaluation Reports are due within 30 days  after completion of the funded project. All Evaluation Reports must be submitted on the correct form below:

        2013 Final Grant Evaluation Report Form  Download   

        2013 Interim Grant Evaluation Report Form  Download



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PAST Grant Awardees

Since its inception in 2002, the Fox Performing Arts Charitable Foundation has been proud to support more than ninety-seven organizations with their performing arts programs and projects.

View a full list of those organizations  here

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St. Louis, MO 63108
PH: 367-1573 FAX: 367-1379