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Upcoming Events & Important DaTES

March 10, 2017

       Master Class TBA

March 24, 2017

      Master Class TBA

March 4, 2017

       SLTTC Semi-finals 

March 5, 2017 

       Tickets ON SALE 

       for the 2017 St. Louis 

       Teen Talent Competition

April 8, 2017

       7th Annual St. Louis

       Teen Talent Competition 



St. Louis CAPPIES St Louis High School Theater Critic and Award Program


The Cappies is a nation-wide High School Theater Critic and Award Program. The Fox Performing Arts Charitable Foundation helped to establish this program in St. Louis in 2003.  The St. Louis Cappies program is currently administered by a volunteer steering committee.


For more information about this program:


462 North Taylor, Suite 203
St. Louis, MO 63108
PH: 367-1573 FAX: 367-1379