2017 St. Louis Teen Talent Competition    





Christina Jones with Mary Strauss

First Place


Christina Jones


O'Fallon Township H.S. 



Second Place


Kianna Bowser, Branden Lewis, David McCall


Central Visual & Performing Arts H.S.



Bowswer, Lewis, McCall with John Russell




 Third Place

Samanvita Kasthuri


Parkway South H.S. 


Samanvita Kasthuri with Sally Johnston 


Crescendo Award:


Faith Whatley-Blaine


Underwritten by Mary Strauss, awarded for a fresh take on

classical music. 






Aspiring Artist Award:


Samanvita Kasthuri


Underwritten anonymously in honor of Mary Strauss, as a tribute to their wonderful friendship, her great generosity and her vision for making Saint Louis a power for the arts.







Keep Art Happening Scholarship:


 Josh Royal


Underwritten by Arts & Education Council of St. Louis






ex'treme Institute by Nelly Award:


Christina Jones


Underwritten by Vatterott College - ex'treme Institute by Nelly





The Voss Family Originality Award:


Cianna Vo


For the best original work in composition, writing, arranging, or choreography. Underwritten by Tom and Carol Voss.




The Berges Classical Performance Award:


Tomas Larsen


Underwritten by Jim and Cathy Berges




The Fromm Family Dance Performance Award:


David McCall


Underwritten by Ron and Cheri Fromm




 The "I" Award:


Jerome Eulentrop & Rose Haselhorst


 For the most Imaginative, Inspired, and Inventive act. 

Underwritten by Terry and Sally Schnuck. 




The Terry Lynford Classical Music Scholarship:


Rayna Campbell


Underwritten by Terry Lynford




The Kranzberg Vocal Performance Award:


Christina Jones


Underwritten by Ken and Nancy Kranzberg






The Capes Sokol Musical Theatre Scholarship Award:


Evan Adams


Underwritten by David & Judy Capes.




MVP (Most Valuable Performer):


Rayna Campbell 

Underwritten by Mary Strauss, to honor the professionalism, character, and motivational attitude of a participant throughout the competition. This award has been determined by the Production Team and the other performers.




 The Audience Choice Award


 Kianna Boswer, Branden Lewis, and David McCall


Underwritten by Priscilla McDonnell





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